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The BCG Now Heading JIOC

The Belize Joint Intelligence Operations Centre (JIOC) is responsible to gather intelligence and quickly interdict illegal landings of narco planes. The JIOC is comprised of several security forces that act in unison to deploy troops and pass on critical live information for mission success. With the persistence of drug dealers to come to Belize, the JIOC is an important unit that as of recently, is now being headed by the Belize Coast Guard. Rear Admiral Elton Bennett says it’s a state-of-the-art facility that works with regional partners.

Rear Admiral, Elton Bennett, Commander, Belize Coast Guard: “There are times when we have primary feed where you’re able to set up a radar that we can get primary feed into that center and we mix that along with a combination of different technologies. Civil Aviation also contributes, the Mexicans contribute to it and the Americans contribute to it so its’ a combination of getting feed and it’s along with establishing primary radars at different parts of the country it depends.”

Ernesto Vasquez, Host, The Morning Show: “I suspect it’s real time.

Rear Admiral, Elton Bennett, Commander, Belize Coast Guard: “Yes it is a real time initiative. So it’s more than just air tracks and maritime tracks. It’s also a fusion for intelligence because all agencies are represented there. You’re able to analyze and share information and turn that into operations. It’s a state of the art facility. We are able to do a lot. We’re able to track vessels and aircrafts that are coming into our sea spaces and our air spaces. That’s the link for Belize to communicate with Mexico. That’s the link for Belize to communicate with our American partners and our regional partners. Intelligence comes into that center and that’s managed at the JIOC. They would receive that, analyze that and then determine which unit to deploy to conduct different operations.”

The JOIC comprises members of the BDF, Belize Coast Guard, Belize Police Department, Customs Department and Immigration Department.