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The BDF Offers Counseling to the Family of Slain Soldier Jessie Escobar

The wife and daughter of BDF soldier Jesse Escobar today remain traumatized after they witnessed his killing on Sunday night. Escobar was fatally shot by BDF soldier R. Valencio during a confrontation at a store in Santa Familia Village. Escobar was shot once and died at the scene, falling to the ground in front of his daughter and wife. To get them through this difficult time Chief of Staff of the B.D.F. Lieutenant Colonol Anthony Velasquez says that counselling services will be offered to the family.

Lt.Col.Anthony Velasquez, Chief of Staff, BDF: “The officers and soldiers of the BDF are deeply grieved and this incident really hit us hard and it’s a really sad and tragic event. With that in mind the BDF counseling team together with two specialists from the United States who flew in who are trauma councilor specialists will visit the family today and speak to the family, the wife, especially the young child that was at the incident and these people are specialized in child truama. So we’re reaching out to the family and we really have their welfare in mind. They will not only speak to the family today but it will be an ongoing process and the specialist from the US will also leave their contact information, Zoom information etc to continue to offer services to the family.”

Reporter: So what happens if the family rejects the offer ? 

Lt.Col.Anthony Velasquez, Chief of Staff, BDF: “Well the family hasn’t rejected the offer. Our counselors along with the two specialists from the United States will be on their way sometime this morning to speak to the family. It was  very tragic event that happened and so traumatic especially to the wife and to the young child so it’s very important that we reach out and we offer whatever welfare services that we can to the family.”