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The BDF’s bomb squad now has an operational vehicle

Back in May, the staff and patients of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KMHM) were evacuated after someone called in a bomb threat to the police. It turns out that the threat was fake but the BDF’s bomb squad has been criticised for the length of time it took to respond. Their delay at the time was due to the military team not having a vehicle to travel from the Price Barracks Base. Today, we asked the BDF’s Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Jermaine Burns, if that is still the case. Here is his response.

Lt. Col. Jermaine Burns, Chief of Staff, BDF: “The bomb squad did not have a vehicle the last time, because their designated vehicle had gotten into a fender bender. That vehicle has been repaired, and they now have the F150 that they’re using. Captain McCoy is using that vehicle on Friday to go to the Mountain Pine Ridge area to sensitise some communities at the back there about explosives and the range area that we use there.”

Reporter: What’s the purpose of that exercise?

Lt. Col. Jermaine Burns, Chief of Staff, BDF: “It’s simply to educate the communities that are at the back there. The Mountain Pine Ridge area, over the years, has grown in respect to population. So, we’re sensitising those communities at the back there to let them know that these are our exercise areas that the military utilises, and in fact, they should not be wandering in those areas.”