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The BDF’s Sarstoon FOB remains in dire condition

Tonight, the Belize Defence Force’s Sarstoon Forward Operating Base (FOB) in the Toledo District remains unmanned due to its dire state. Last week Friday, the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security, along with a team of engineers, visited the base following reports concerning the integrity of the FOB due to erosion. During the visit, engineers conducted a site survey and collected data to make recommendations for immediate and short-, medium- and long-term improvements. According to the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security, Florencio Marin Jr., work on the base will commence after the engineers have provided adequate recommendations to the ministry.

Florencio Marin Sr, Minister of National Defence & Border Security: “The engineers were there just last week Friday. We’re waiting for their report as to what needs to be done. If maybe at least seeing some pictures because I know some pictures were circulating. I mean it’s a different kind of a ground. You kno. I mean and under the base it’s almost completely water. Even the small ablution and the water tank, I mean, if you notice they were leaning to a side. So, I need to hear what the engineers have to say. They’re the professionals. They will tell us what needs to be done. It is very important. That is why the base is there so if you notice, we said temporarily moving them to Barranco so we have not decided to shift them away from there. Again, well we just need to fix up the place.”