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The Belize Camping Experience Continues the Harvest for Kids

And finally, The Belize Camping Experience is a local Christian organization that is finding innovative ways to provide children hope. Their Harvest 4 Kids program has muted during the pandemic but according to missionary, Janely Blanco, they reached hundreds of children.

Janely Blanco, Missionary, Belize Camping Experience: “Definitely some of our highlights have still being able to keep connected with the kids even though it was a little bit more challenging but I think with the whole social distancing and trying to follow the regulations that the government has placed we still kept in contact with at least ten of our clubs an we were still able to carry out some of our camps. This year we have talked a little bit about good news you know ? Our country doesn’t hear a lot about good news in this time and our theme this year was the GNN network the Good News Network. So we were able to definitely talk a little bit about what are some good things that have been happening in our country, some people that have been talking not only about the good things but also about hope that there still is for our kids in Belize.”

Director Alexander Perez made an appeal to everyone who’d like to help even though the country is facing a historic challenge.

Alexander Perez, Director, Belize Camping Experience: “If you have a heart to reach children and young people in our country and you’re a part of an organization or you are part of Belize Camping Experience this is the time where you need to encourage especially the charitable work that happens across the country because without the funds it’s very hard to go about reaching the kids so we need the finances so it’s a hand to hand the farmers do the work we need to keep doing the work of the kids but at the end of the day we’re all part of seeing Belize changing Belize.”

Perez can be reached at 614-5541.