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The Belize City Council Aims to Rid the City Streets of Derelict Vehicles

The Belize City Council is also aggressively trying to solve the city’s problem with derelict vehicles and is pleading with residents to help out. The council has been updating its Facebook page with streets where derelict vehicles have been recorded and is giving notice of two days to owners for them to be moved. Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner spoke about the council’s effort to clear the streets.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “The law is very clear on that and we are just complying with the law. If you have a derelict vehicle the law clearly states that we have to give you time obviously to look at the problem. I believe it’s somewhere between fourteen days, it gives you that clearance but these derelict vehicles has been on the streets for so many not weeks months. It has become a situation where the mechanic shops use the street, the city’s real estate for a garage and that can no longer be countenanced and while we recognize as well that the derelict vehicles serve as a ground for illicit activities, hiding of guns, the hiding of drugs. As a city the residents have to begin to take ownership of the city. They have to take ownership of the city. You want a modern city? Well work along and comply with the laws.”