The Belize Police Department’s Communication Director passes away

The Belize Police Department’s Communication Director passes away

Police Press Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Fitzroy Yearwood, passed away just after three o’clock this afternoon at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The 47-year-old career cop was seen in public up to Holy Saturday when the cross-country cycling classic was concluding. The following day, however, the well-known officer suffered a stroke and was rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Since then he had reportedly been unresponsive to treatment and remained unconscious up to the time of his passing. Prior to his death, Police Commissioner Chester Williams, expressed hope to the media that Yearwood would make a full recovery. Here is a part of that interview with Commissioner Williams.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I don’t want to go into his medical situation I think that’s a private matter for the family but in terms of his prognosis the hospital is supposed to do a CT scan today and we are anxiously awaiting the result of that CT scan to see if it is going to yield any good results. We’re hoping that that would be the case that it will yield good results in terms of his prognosis and so we just await that CT scan to be done and we see how things progress from there. Mr.Yearwood has been the face of the police department for the past three years interacting with the media, doing the weekly press briefs as well as doing other public relations matters as may be directed by myself or OCED for him to do and so in a time like this where he is in the hospital fighting for his life we want to ask the nation to please join us in prayers for him and his family and we do hope that the good lord is going to see him through and that he would be able to return to actual duties in due course. I know that he loved what he does as a press officer. He normally does it with a very high degree of pride and passion and so for him to be out at this time it saddens us and we just want to hope for the best going forward.”

ASP Yearwood has been a member of the Belize Police Department since August 1996. His death has been felt throughout the country and the department. Minutes after the news broke of his passing, Police Commissioner expressed disbelief while Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa, took to social media, saying, quote, “Just over a week ago we shared a fun-filled and wonderful day with our female officers at the annual tactical challenge. You were a valiant, charismatic and humble officer who always managed to bring a smile to your colleagues’ faces. From north to south you will be forever missed. Rest well brother Fitzroy.” End of quote. The family has since declined giving a statement

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