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The BNTU Hosts 52nd Annual Convention

The Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) held its 52nd annual convention virtually, hosted under the theme “God is our Guide, Resilience is our Pride, BNTU Forever.” During a Zoom interview with the President of the Belize National Teacher’s Union, a presentation was made by Trustees of the Public Sector Workers’ Trust, Dr. Phillip Castillo and Nadia Caliz. The Trustees updated the membership on the recent projects being finalized, geared at allowing teachers and public officers, who were affected by the increment freeze back in the nineties, to benefit from the trust fund.

Elena Smith, President, Belize National Teachers’ Union: “Our members were asked or were reminded that they could sign up, complete the form, put in their information so that the Trust could have a record of them being a beneficiary of the Trust because they were employed around that time and they would have lost increments between ‘95 – ‘97. So it was mainly to provide information to our members and to seek, also, their assistance in being able to share with other persons who may have retired already and might not know how to be able to provide their information and to whom that they know where to send that information because we know, we have seen where there are other groups who are getting information but some of them are providing persons wrong information or they’re out there telling people that they must not go through the union because, the union cannot represent them and so we have other groups sharing, as I said, incorrect information so that now people are confused as to well which is the correct group that they should be signing up with. If it is that you want to ensure that your name is recorded as a beneficiary then you must go and sign up with the Trust so that the Trust can have a record of your information and you can access these projects via the Trust because the Trust is the only entity that can be offering these projects.”

The 53rd Annual Convention will be held on April 12th and 13th of next year in Orange Walk.