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The BPD remains on the lookout for MS-13 gang members in Belize

The Belize Police Department remains on high alert for MS-13 gang members fleeing El Salvador and coming to Belize. Since December last year, the department has been cracking down on members of that notorious organisation living in Belize. Today, Police Commissioner, Chester Williams stated that officers remain stationed at the various illegal border entries to prevent MS-13 gang members from entering Belize.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Certainly we do not want Belize to be seen as a safe haven for gang members, particularly those coming from other Central American countries and in particular El Salvador. We know the tendencies of these gangs from those areas and their habits is not what we want in Belize and so yes we have been on high alert along with the immigration department along the borders. Likewise within our districts and within our villages and towns officers have been on high alert and we have asked the public to report to us any sighting of person or persons who they may believe are affiliated with these gangs or are gang members from Central America and then we go in and detain those persons interview them to see exactly who they are if they are from Central America and they’re not in Belize legally then we would refer the matter to immigration. But if they are Belizeans and have legal status and we believe that they are gang members then we do our investigation to see if there is enough for us to make an arrest in respect to them. So yes Mr.Future police we are doing what we an along with the Ministry of Immigration to monitor the gangs coming out of Central America who may come to Belize. We do have officers along the border area still along with customs and even as a part of what we discussed earlier with the Central American gangs that is also a part of their tasking. Also looking at the whole issue of human smuggling, human trafficking, firearm trafficking, drug trafficking so our borders are protected to the best of our ability to be able to deal with every situation that they may encounter as it relates to any internal threat to our country.”