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The CXC Announces that Exams will be Delayed by Three Weeks

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has announced that this year’s exams will be delayed by three weeks. Registrar and CEO Dr. Wayne Wesley announced today that the exams will commence on Monday, May 23. Dr. Wesley also announced the extension of the submission of SBAs from June 30 by a further two weeks for the submission of both CAPE and CSEC SBAs. It also decided on the release of broad topics be communicated to the candidates. A virtual press conference was held during which Dr. Wesley shared that CXC recognizes the impact of COVID-19 on the education system in general.
Dr. Wayne Wesley, CEO, CXC: After careful deliberation and consideration of all the pertinent issues, council agreed that the revised strategy for the 2022 regional examinations shall be as follows. A delay in the sitting of the regional examinations by three weeks. This will provide candidates with additional time to prepare for the examinations. Therefore, examinations will commence on Monday the 23rd of May 2022 and the results projected to be released in late August or early September. The details will be determined and communicated accordingly. Secondly, extension of the submission of school based assessment from the June 30, 2022 by a further two weeks for the submission of both CAPE and CSEC SBAs and thirdly, that the release of broad topics be communicated to the candidates.”

CXC is hoping that results would be released by late August or early September. Dr. Wesley addressed concerns, particularly of those candidates who would expect results sooner to meet registration and scholarship deadlines.Dr. Wayne Wesley, CEO, CXC: “Well three weeks, or two weeks, or one week, it is still a matter of students preparing themselves well because as we have indicated it’s broad topics. It’s not necessarily as specific. It’s just to give an indication as to where and what students should cover. At this time students should, the broad topics should really be used as a revision tool rather than a preparation tool in terms of how you’re going to guide your study at this time. There will always be some amount of displacement. We will work assiduously to minimise that as much as possible because with a delay that means there is some adjustment with receiving the papers even for grading. We understand the concerns of students wanting these to be available as early as possible and we will seek to do what is necessary at this time to facilitate having them meet their matriculation requirement at the earliest possible time.”