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The Deal is Done: Munchi Out, Coye In

As we mentioned, the PUP’s National Executive meeting concluded between midday and one this afternoon and Love News did request an interview but we were denied and informed that a release would be sent out to the media.  However, after our talk with Cervantes, we did manage to get a few minutes with the Party Chairman, Henry Usher who confirmed that changes were made to the party’s National Executive.  There was, however, a difference between what Cervantes said and what the Chairman reported.  Chairman Usher indicated that Cervantes has been replaced while he, (Cervantes) told us that he would give the request to resign, some consideration… but it seems the deal is done.


“If you will recall at the last meeting that we had on the 25th of February the National Executive gave the party leader the authority to make changes to the National Executive. Today he just gave effect to that authority, he made the changes necessary to make the National Executive more efficient, more able to deal with the pressing issues of the party and of the country. We made certain changes and we filled certain posts that we note filled and the new National Executive will be presented to the National Party Council at the next meeting.”

Chairman Usher went on to speak of other changes being made in the party which will strip Vaughan Gill and Anthony Sylvestre of their posts on the National Executive.


“The post of Deputy Communications Directors and Deputy Campaign Managers are not regional posts, they are posts that can be filled from whatever position. Vaughn Gill was one of the deputy communications director but we now have two new ones filling the post.”


“Who are those two persons?”


“It’s not a regional post; these communication directors posts can be filled from throughout the country and you are trying to get me to name persons and I told you that that is an internal party matter which will be presented to the National Party Council. He has also made changes to the legal adviser and has asked Mr.Andrew Marshalleck to serve in that capacity.”

When the Chairman was asked if he would agree that this is a high-handed move, he reiterated that the in a meeting held February 25, the National Executive had given the Party leader to make the changes.


“The critics would be wrong on this case because the National Executive is the one who gave the party leader that authority to make the changes and that decision was made at the last meeting unanimously, there were no objections and the party leader has done so and made the changes he feels are necessary.”


“Does that mean stacking the executive with Briceno-istas?”


“The National Executive gave the party leader authority to make changes and he has made those changes.”

A date is yet to be set for the PUP’s National Party Council meeting.