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The DPP Will Have the Final Say in Senate Investigation

The Special Senate Select Committee has questioned a number of people as it continues its work prying deep into the findings of the Auditor General reports on Nationality, Passport and Visa Immigration. Several revelations have been made and several interesting witnesses have appeared. One of those witnesses is Barton Middleton. Before his appearance, he was being referred as the ‘Mr. Middleton’ who reportedly received the eight missing visa foils from Lindsay Wade and allegedly handed it over to Patrick Tillett and Eric Chang for sale. Mr. Middleton is also the man who Tillett used to deliver the visa applications to the immigration department in Belmopan at a cost of three thousand dollars per application. When Middleton testified he set a precedence of “I don’t recall” and “I don’t remember” answers to questions posed by the committee. He left Committee members with more questions than answers. Nevertheless, Middleton was a key witness who played a similar role to Alvarine Burgess. So will he be called back and be forced to answer the importance questions? Senator Aldo Salazar responded.


We haven’t discussed it as a committee so no decision has been taken in relation to that but my view I don’t see any merit calling back Mr. Middleton. I think the usefulness of his testimony if any has already been presented. We already know the scenario within the department, we know what transpired. For me I have a very good picture of what was transpiring and I don’t see it as my duty to catch any particular person in a particular lie. I am more looking at a macro level of what transpired and what recommendations can be made. If at any time the view is that any witness has been untruthful that is not a place for the committee. The DPP will have transcripts of everything that has transpired. She is the one who determines who is prosecuted in Belize that is her constitutional role and that is her prerogative to decide whether there is enough evidence for her to go against anybody.”

According to Salazar, the committee has decided to forward all evidence, including transcripts, to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

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