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The Economic Benefits of Tilapia

Recently workshops were conducted for small scale producers of tilapia, students of the University of Belize and agriculture officers with an aim at diversifying the way tilapia is processed.  Taiwanese expert, Dr Tsai was in country since November 14 and in these workshops he offered his expertise in the areas of cleaning the fresh tilapia (semi-dressed) and making tilapia processed products, such as fish meat ball, dry fish and fish strips to increase the added value.  Dr Tsai is a Professor at the National Kaoshiung Marine University and was in Belize at the invitation of the Embassy of Taiwan on the Republic of China.  That invitation came as part of the Aquaculture Project which began since 2012 and is looking to conclude in February 2017.  Under that project there were more than twelve sessions of training and workshops with the participation of about two hundred and fifty Belizeans.  Some of the topics brought about through the workshops over the last five years were basic and advance of the tilapia production, tilapia ponds construction, planning for tilapia farming, tilapia business, tilapia marketing and tilapia processing. According to a release from the Taiwanese Embassy, they noted quote, “although tilapia is considered a simple cultivated fish, there is still a need for new producers to get advice from the extension officers of the Aquaculture project to make sure they can produce good quality fish and make good profits. Belizean tilapia producers should continue to produce their products with good quality, and decrease the cost; then the tilapia industry can be really expanded and develop across the country. Although so far the tilapia business in Belize is still not of big scale, it is a good agriculture practice with good benefits for all the small scale farmers who want to work hard to improve their economic condition. It is believed that the tilapia business is going to grow up and will reap significant benefits for Belize in the future.”  End of quote.