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The Fairness of the Upcoming PUP Convention

With the Special National Convention coming up on January 31 in Belmopan, Cayo District, there is the question of a free and fair convention particularly when you consider the factor that the current Party Leader who is seeking re-election as the head of the PUP had hand-picked the Secretary General Myrtle Palacio who incidentally, is the one overseeing the election process.  It is a cause for concern among many of the party supporters especially those who have been lobbying for this convention so that new leadership can be chosen.  As we stood outside Independence Hall on Saturday we asked a few of the party members who they are supporting for leader and how free and fair they feel the process will be.  We first asked the radical Micah Goodin who had no qualms in expressing his views.  We also asked senior party members of their views on the convention; as expected, they towed the party line in keeping internal concerns private.


By now the Standard Bearers and Parliamentarians have endorsed their preferred candidate for leader but the question now remains as to how influential they will be over persons on the delegates’ lists.  We asked a few of them what strategy they are using in this campaign.


Chairman Henry Usher who is going on his sixth year in that capacity, stressed on the importance for members to remember that this is an internal convention and that a peaceful process is to be adhered to.

The division with the most delegates is Stann Creek West while the Mesopotamia has the least delegates at 18.