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The Family Court is to Receive Amendments to the Marriage Persons (Protection) Act

Cabinet gave its recommendation for the Attorney General to have introduced, at the next sitting of the House of Representatives, a bill to amend the Marriage Persons (Protection) Act. Cabinet says that this will allow for the removal of the fault grounds for an application for judicial separation before the Family Court, which is to be replaced with the ground of incompatibility. In an interview with Love News, The Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, Francis Fonseca explained that the Cabinet’s rationale for its recommendation is that too many times the Family Court is bogged down with acrimonious family proceedings.

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education, Culture, E-Governance, Science & Technology: “The recommendation really is to try to get away from these acrimonious divorce proceedings, you know, so that they remove the no fault grounds requirement, you know, where from, based on the briefing we got from the A.G. and based on the advice from the Family Court, many of these things have been very acrimonious. They do not help to lead to a healing of the parties if you like. So I think it’s an effort in that regard to make these court hearings less acrimonious and more, you know, more family sensitive and more private.”

Cabinet says that it is important to note that these proposed amendments will not affect the protection against domestic violence under the Domestic Violence Act and will not affect the rights of maintenance for spouses and children .