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The Festival of Hope is here

The much anticipated Festival of Hope kicks off today in Belize City. A number of churches have come together for the event. Love News spoke with Pastor Jack Myers who said Belize is the third country to which they have brought the event.

Pastor Jack Myers
“In 2013, a group of Evangelists, about 18, decided to join together and we did what we called the first one nation, one day in the country of Honduras and we flew in 2,500 missionaries on two 747 jets and landed in San Pedro Sula and distributed all those missionaries throughout the nation and at that time President Soso was the president so it affected him all the way down to the school janitor. So this concept where ministers and ministries are beginning to join their resources and join together. In 2015 a friend of ours Dominic Russo did the country of the Dominican Republic and he put a team together of about 18 to 15 evangelists and they had about 2,000 evangelists that covered the entire country and so now myself and Pastor Todd including six other evangelists including Daniel King, we’ve joined together and we’ve brought in over 200 missionaries to Belize. So this is actually the third nation that God has chosen in this time and in this hour for the whole entire nation to be affected by the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Myers shared some of the activities that will be taking place over the course of the nine days of the event.

Pastor Jack Myers
“We have all the districts and the evangelists will be spread out in the districts with their teams and they will do festivals and miracle healing crusades, we are going to do street ministry and we have a parade tomorrow. We are going to have a women’s conference, a business conference and its open to the entire community and each district has their own agendas of what they are going to be doing throughout the week. As a matter of fact, right now our team is out, they are going to orphanages, the prison. We have an appointment with the police department today, so its affecting every municipality and every community. One of the things that we have felt in our heart is that Belize needs hope, and we want to bring unity not only among the churches but among the citizens as well and so we are actually beginning to plan some follow up things and we are going to continue to work with the locals and work with the pastors so that once we are finished with these nine days it’s not just over with, it continues on.”

Pastor Todd Delay said the event provides the opportunity for churches to come together.

Pastor Todd Delay
“I think what’s amazing about this whole situation is that all of these churches and ministries from the United States have come together for Belize and we wanted to create an example for this community, for this country too that ministries can come together and see Jesus lifted up in a country.

Pastor Jack Myers
“Some of these missionaries are from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Honduras so it’s not just the United States alone so we are just forming together. I think we are living in a very exciting time I believe we are living in the last days, I believe that God’s pouring out his spirit and revival is going to cover the whole earth. In Christian history, in 2000 years there hasn’t been a time where all the churches and ministries no matter what their denomination is are coming together to reach the world for Jesus Christ.”

On Saturday churches from all over will converge at the BTL Park in Belize City for an all day activity.