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The FIU Comments on the Embezzlement of One-Million-Dollars from the NFC

The matter of the one-million-dollar embezzlement from the National Sports Council continues before the courts in Belize. It has been over a year ago that the matter was brought to light through a report from the Office of the Auditor General. Following the report, former senior pay clerk, Ivan Ayuso, was arrested and charged with theft, uttering a forged document and money laundering to the tune of one million, ninety thousand, two hundred and twenty-seven dollars and thirteen cents ($1,090,227.13). Love News understands that the investigation into the matter did involve the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).
Kent Clare, Director, FIU: Oftentimes, you have that charge and then you have a money laundering charge that comes behind it because money laundering is, as Leni said, is trying to, right, getting it into the system. For the most part, we have to assess whether or not a money laundering charge is going to be viable, the rate of success and so on and we may very well choose to only, to sign off on a predicate. Let’s go only that route and.”

Troy Gabb, Host, The Morning Show: Contraband. 

Kent Clare, Director, FIU: Right yeah and having a fine or confiscation of funds and that sort of thing so I think our biggest money laundering case would have had, would have been, well the one that’s in the public domain is that one with the folks from.”

Leni Ysaguirre MCG, Deputy Director, FIU:  “The Sports Council.”

Kent Clare, Director, FIU: “Well that’s one that’s presently …”

Leni Ysaguirre MCG, Deputy Director, FIU: I was looking in the last two to three years but before that there would have been of course..”

Troy Gabb, Host, The Morning Show: Before that it would have been the one with the Coye’s right?

Leni Ysaguirre MCG, Deputy Director, FIU: “Yes.”

Kent Clare, Director, FIU: That was a big one that was in. There was another one that’s before the courts right now and Lenny could make some comments on that in regards to the National Sports Council.”

Troy Gabb, Host, The Morning Show: Yeah. Tell us about that because my next question was going to be dealing with politically exposed persons and that sort of thing. 

Leni Ysaguirre MCG, Deputy Director, FIU: Well I, really in terms of that case, because it is before the court, I wouldn’t be able to comment in any detail but suffice to say that somebody, Mr. Ayuso was charged for obtaining property by deception and money laundering in relation to, I think, over a million dollars and so this would have happened during his employment at the Sports Council and of course these are facts that we would have to prove during the course of the case which we fully well intend to.”

The charges against Ivan Ayuso stem from the uncovering of deposits being diverted to personal accounts at three different financial institutions along with the manipulation of pay sheets at the National Sports Council.