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The Force Behind the Caleb Movement

Caleb Orozco has been fighting for the rights of the LGBTQI community for many years. Six years ago, he brought forward a case to challenge the constitution. And because of that stance, Caleb has faced a lot of discrimination including verbal and physical attacks. Yesterday at the UNIBAM press conference, Caleb stated that it was the women in his life who sustained the movement and intertwined the feminist movement with the LGBTQI movement.

Some may view his strong stance and activism as unnecessarily putting himself in harm’s way. But Caleb stated that his activism is necessary to recover his humanity.

He spoke about the issues of personal security he continuously faces because of his brave stance.

While much strong opposing sentiments came from the churches yesterday, Caleb shared a story of welcoming Christian support.

Caleb Orozco first filed the case challenging section 53 of the Criminal Code of Belize 1981 in July 2010. Yesterday Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin ruled favorably to amend it. It was a major victory for the LGBTQI community. Belize is the first country in the Caribbean to amend that law.