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The Future of the PUP Mouthpieces ….. Belize Times/Vibes Radio

It is no secret that the main Opposition Party has been grappling with some serious financial woes in recent years.  A struggle that the PUP has never seen before as it has always had the physical and financial wherewithal to rally supporters, sparing no expense.  With another five years of being in opposition, Love News asked the PUP Chairman, if the media entities of the party, namely, Vibes Radio and the Belize Times would remain operational.


“I believe, like you said we will have to look at the financing of the party.  We will have to look at how much it costs to run these organs but certainly we can’t be left voiceless, the people can’t be left voiceless so we will have to make sure that the Belize Times and the Vibes continue.”


“You will continue being the opposition in terms of keeping checks and doing your role?”


“Of course, along with the media. The media has to do its role as well.”

Any party leader chosen to lead the PUP come January 2016, would have to find about fifty thousand dollars monthly to keep the media organs operational as well as the Secretariat.