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The Future of the UDP

With Faber now holding the seat of the right hand man of the UDP’s Party Leader, Dean Barrow, it is left to be seen if he will also be given the posting of Deputy Prime Minister.  According to Godwin Hulse, it is not an automatic ascension.


“The person becomes the first deputy leader the Prime Minister is the one who determines that and will advise the Governor General accordingly, it’s not an automatic thing but it is expected.”

According to Ann-Marie Williams, yesterday’s UDP Convention will not only affect the political party but will impact the country and the political arena.


“What goes on today I think essentially as Belizeans and as voters and as a delegate myself should be seen as just today. We need to really just not see the trees but look at the forest. The person who is elected today as the first deputy party leader that person more than likely would become the Prime Minister and take the party into election and if he wins then he becomes the Prime Minister. That has to do with the future of the country, if we subtract the future of the country for one slight minute and look at what it means just for the city, there is essentially ten divisions in the city as we speak the UDP controls six of that ten. A win today for Patrick Faber from where I sit cements that hold on the city. A win today for John Saldivar coming from Belmopan it could cement a win on the city but I see it less favorably. We have to take into consideration that the UDP has won three consecutive terms, it has never been done before in post-independence Belize, that’s not to say that they can’t win a fourth term but the stakes are higher, it’s a bit harder. You need somebody who is on point, pressing the ground, somebody who is known in the city I feel. Patrick Faber’s division is actually a contiguous division with Lake Independence that is controlled by the PUP and Port Loyola that is controlled by the UDP. He’s a visible face, very charismatic, yes he’s young but I think he’s taken some bold decisions over the year in terms of education, in terms of amalgamating schools and putting and making six schools into two, a decision that people don’t want to touch and things that people just talk about but don’t do. I feel the time is right, we are at a crossroads and this has to do with where we want to take this country.”

With all those analysis, criticisms and comments made regarding Faber’s candidacy and recent victory, Faber remains firm in how he plans to carry on his work not only for his party but for the country as a whole.We caught up with him for an initial reaction which was one of tears and joy.


“I’m very happy, It’s all about the base. People who ask me “what if you lose?” I said really and truly that I did my best in this campaign in very much the same way that I did in the last campaign that I ran for deputy and I said to them that if my best wasn’t good enough that I would accept that in fact that I didn’t win today it would have meant that God had a different plant for me and I would happily accept that so if I did not do my best then I would have felt badly about that but I did my best and I had faith that when God designed something you can’t change that and so that led to our victory today and I am happy about that.”

Until is announced whether Faber will be ascended to Deputy Prime Minister, he continues with his current portfolio.