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The Guats Were Spying on the PUP at the Sarstoon

Last week the People’s United Party made a trip to the Sarstoon in the form of an educational venture with the participation of the party’s officials and parliamentarians.  Opposition Leader, John Briceno had told Love News that the Prime Minister was informed of their intention.  Incidentally, there were no Guatemalan armed forces blocking them from entering and the trip went without a hitch.  However, the media found out today that while they were not visible on the Sarstoon, the Guatemalans were watching the opposition’s movements.


With the revelation that the Guatemalans were watching from the sidelines and they did have prior knowledge of the PUP’s trip, it does beg the question whether permission was sought and granted to access the Sarstoon River which is why they were not blocked; or perhaps it was a case where the talk of peaceful resolution is coming to fruition.  Minister Elrington says from the part of the ministry, no permission was sought.


Opposition Leader had noted that the trip was made in order to have the party officials provided with a visual of the area for any further discussions that may arise.