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The Gunman’s Bullet with No Name

One common sentiment that has been noted on social media or heard on the streets over the last few days is one regarding the state of mind of the gunmen and the criminal elements that are able to kill and shoot others.  For one who has no affiliation with anyone in the criminal world, it is a concept hard to grasp and today, the media asked Dianne Finnegan who is a youth advocate and who works closely with gang affiliates and criminals to speak in that regard.  Here is how she responded.


“This is a personal emotion and when things like this happen they really don’t care. A bullet that has a target has no emotions and they could care less who is in the midst as long as they accomplish their purpose which is so sad because we stand on the side and we mourned and they continue to prepare themselves for the next agenda, for the next victim because they know what stands in line, what comes after so we could try our best to figure out what’s in their minds and if they have a soul, they do have emotions, their emotions are so bitter, so torn their agenda is well scripted that they don’t want inside interference to be even tell them that this is not the way to go and that is why often you will see that things happen at the spur of the moment. It is how they breath at that moment and then they hit their target.”

Attorney Kareem Musa also weighed in on the issue where he spoke of the breaking down of families and the absence of either parent in the home.


“We’ve got to find a way to minimize this crime and violence because of the fact that look at who it’s targeting? Citizens, individuals who work hard and are trying to put their children through school, who are investing in their children for the future; ripped apart and those that are weak are still surviving because they go into the prison. I go to the prison often to do sessions, life is easy, they come back out and they do it all over again. We need to rescue the individuals who truly need that seed for them to grow and become productive citizens to build this country; if not we’ve lost it.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams and Finnegan are two key persons in the city who have conducted interventions with the gang members in an effort to prevent gang warfare and other crimes.