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The Haulover Bridge to Receive Much Needed Repairs

Works are in the pipeline for the Haulover Bridge. According to the CEO in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Victor Espat, there are portions of the bridge that are corroded and in need of dire repairs.

Victor Espat, CEO, Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing: “The Haulover Bridge when we took office that project was already on the table however it was put on hold because there were some concerns about the selection of a contractor. The initial bid that has come in under the previous administration was for $50 million dollars which was I believe $20 million dollars over budget. We went back and I guess revived the process, we worked very closely with the funding institutions and we put that project out back to bid and now we’re happy to report that we have signed a contract with a contractor M&M engineering to construct the bridge at a cost of $30 million dollars which is actually $20 million dollars less than the initial proposal. The contract has been signed the contractor has already taken site possession and so work has already commenced. I think test piles have gone in. What we have to understand with this project it’s a lot of prefabrication that will happen so unlike a road project where you see all the equipment immediately on the road working a lot of the work for the construction of the bridge does not happen on site. They have to do all the beams and everything and then transport it to the area but that project is fully underway and we believe that within a year and a half to two that that will be completed. We were very concerned when we did inspections of the present bridge. It’s really deteriorated to a point that is concerning and so we believe that we needed to expedite and proceed with the construction of the new bridge. I think the new bridge will provide access to Belize City to the northern highway. I think it will contribute significantly to the development of that area as well. In addition to that bridge if I can speak on a few other projects that we are working on we just started the 7th road or the Remate Project which is from Biscayne all the way to the northern border. That road also has what we call the Remate bypass which bypasses Corozal or it’s a short cut if I can explain it that way and passes through some of the villages and I think it saves significantly in terms of the distance to the northern border. So that project again is underway, the contractors have taken site possession and work has commenced. We also have the Coastal Road which is about 45% completed and so work is continuous on that road as well.”

The Haulover Bridge was built in 1949.