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The Hazel Hutchinson Center reopens its doors

Today, the Hazel Hutchinson Center in Belmopan reopened its door after being closed for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The center, which is a part of the national HelpAge program, plays a vital role in senior care for residents of Belmopan and surrounding areas. Cayo correspondent, Fem Cruz spoke to the center’s chairman, Evan Dakers. 

Evan Dakers, Chairman, Hazel Hutchinson Center: “Today is our reopening here in Belmopan. As you know, we have been closed for about two years and about five months now. What we are doing here today, we are starting what we call our adult day activity program and this program is going to be held on Mondays and Thursdays and basically the program consists of about three or four elements. The first portion, we start off with a fellowship in which we have somebody form the denominations here in Belmopan and then we would continue with some physical exercises and then the bulk of the remaining time, we will be participating in BINGO. Our members love to play BINGO and you know, it’s a game that is not only good for their mental health but, also, it allows them to interact socially. In terms of the district branches, all the branches have their own timeline for reopening. So, for example, I know in Belize City they have already opened about two or three weeks ago. Corozal, I know, has already been opened and Punta Gorda. I can’t speak for the other branches but I am certain that by the end of this month, all the other branches should be reopening.”