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The impact of COVID-19 in the north

Earlier this week our news team made its rounds in the Orange Walk District looking at the impacts of Covid-19.  We visited the sugar factory at Tower Hill, and we paid visits to several villages including Blue Creek and Shipyard which have been severely impacted.  Once in the town we were able to speak to several residents.  While some have found the regulations complicated, this one woman says it has made her quality of life improve.

“COVID is here with us, COVID will not go away so it’s no use complaining. We just have to get used to live with COVID. I prefer to stay home because when I go out I have to wear my mask and oh my it’s so frustrating so I prefer to stay home. Two, it has improved on my cleanliness. I have everything clean in my house  plus it has added to our eating habits. These days I am learning to eat more healthier and you know me people call me I have “Pata de perro” because I love the streets, I love travelling, I love to go out. So my husband could not stop me but guess who stopped me ? Something that I cannot see, COVID stopped me but you know that I gave me time to reflect on myself, to love myself more, take care of myself more and do lots of things I thought I could not do. So I don’t complain I just live on day at a time.”

“Well I think it’s an adjusting situation for everyone. It’s just wearing your mask, staying sanitized and washing your hands constantly. Other than that I think life goes on as normal because this is the new normal.”

“We the vendors I guess we’re spending more in disposable and spending more in sanitizing our place and maintaining the people safe which first we have to keep ourselves safe if we want to maintain our customers safe from this virus as well. So it’s a lot of time put into it and as well a lot of efforts which is a lot. You have to make sure that everybody gets served one by one which you need time and patience which we ask as well the customers to have because we don’t want to contaminate anybody and as well we want to serve you nicely and continue having you as a customer.”

On the business front, one food vendor explained that despite their best efforts to abide by the regulations sales have decreased.

Our business is very slow. From when this COVID-19 started we have don’t have a lot of customers like before because everybody is afraid of getting contaminated but as well people want to be having this delivery service which is very difficult for us because then we have to spend for each customer and sometimes it’s not really the finance that we’re expecting for us to make a little bit more. So it’s very difficult. The situation has become very difficult for all of us here especially at the market because as you see all the tables are taken away, the chairs and we have a lot of securities with the police and the BDF so we can’t have a lot of people like from here or eating around here. We are going through really a hard time dealing with that so it makes it more difficult for us to make the finance that we used to make before plus the people also when they come they want to serve very fast and when we can’t serve them they go away you know and we stay with the food. Some of them require delivery service and when we take it they don’t want it anymore, they don’t want the way we send it so it’s a lot of patience and like I said the situation is getting a little bit harder every day.”

Our news team was also able to speak to a security officer who works at the hospital.  He spoke on the challenges in having persons abide by the Covid-19 regulations.