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The KHMH Gets a Much Needed Relaxation Station

The frontline workers at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital will now be able to relax in comfort after receiving a fully equipped Relaxation Station. The three gestures of appreciation came, courtesy of Courts Belize and Unicomer, who handed over the equipment this morning to representatives of the hospital. Reporter Vejea Alvarez was there and files the following report.

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched our health system to its brink and has pushed our frontline workers to a point of great exhaustion. But thanks to Courts Belize the good nurses and doctors at the KHMH’s COVID-19 units will now be able to relax and reinvigorate in style. On Thursday the company handed over four recliners, a coffee maker with supplies including coffee mugs, tote bags and water bottles worth over $3,000. Manager of the COVID-19 Patients Under Investigation Unit, Nurse Casilda Bowman says the amenities will greatly aid the nurse in the fight against the deadly virus. 

Nurse Casilda Bowman, Manager, COVID-19 Unit, KHMH: “This donation will definitely come as a great surprise and I’m telling you my staff would love it. We don’t get much time to get a break but listen when we do get a break it will be in comfort, they will be able to take a power nap, relax their feet after standing for so much hours, they will love it and anybody who know nurses know that coffee runs in their veins so I’m telling you they would be overjoyed and they will totally love it. It will definitely help them. They will feel encouraged. You know this really does make them feel like what they’re doing, the hours that they’re spending is being seen by the public and they’re being appreciated for it.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: And that appreciation is well deserved because according to Kereen Birch, Nursing Supervisor at the KHMH, her staff has endured a very bumpy ride having to adjust to the rapidly changing pandemic.

Kereen Birch, Nursing Supervisor, KHMH: “We’re tired sis. When will this end ? When will people realize that COVID is real and stop doing I won’t want to say selfish behaviors but behaviors that put the rest of the population at risk and having us have to – because then sometimes you go in literally one person gets off a bed and then you clean it so you can accommodate another patient and so it’s a constant jamming. And so it’s just a rough time mentally, physically for yourself and for your family.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: While Nurse Birch is not a part of the COVID-19 unit she and others at the hospital will be able to enjoy the goodies. That’s because according to Nurse Bowman the equipment will be placed in the hospital lounge area and will be available to the hospital’s entire staff. Bowman says that apart from offering much needed relaxation the gesture will also help to boost the morale of the nurses. 

Nurse Casilda Bowman, Manager, COVID-19 Unit, KHMH: “I think by now the general public already understands and have been hearing over and over how hard it is. How much the nurse has to endure on a daily basis and so yes while we do need some equipment this is also really well thought out because we’re able to put up our feet a little bit and relax and get some time to reboot to go again. This is helping in more than one way. Just the thought of recognizing that the public is really seeing what we’re going through will help them to push on and them being able to rest in comfort does give them energy and it will give them some sort of motivation and hope to do what they’re doing.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Managing Director of UNICOMER Belize Limited Javier Ponce says the initiative was a part of the company’s social responsibility. 

Javier Ponce, Managing Director, UNICOMER Belize Limited:As a socially responsible company we’re very happy to be donating these recliners and all these things that we know will prove very useful for our KHMH staff. We know that they’re under a lot of pressure, a lot of stress right now with everything that’s been going on with the COVID situation here in Belize and we acknowledge that, we want to help them out and this is also a call to every other company that would want to come forward and put something on the line for these people. So we hope that they will hopefully make the most of it, so we’re happy.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Nurse Bowman also added that her staff consists of twenty six nurses, seven patient care assistants, six attendants, twelve doctors that operate on a shift basis.