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The KHMH moves to digitize its radiology system

In other news this evening: Belize’s flagship health facility, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is now able to provide enhanced medical imaging services. That’s thanks to a donation from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The donation was a part of the Strengthening Medical Imaging Systems (SMIS) project, which seeks to improve the nation’s overall hospital services. The hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Chandra Nisbet-Cansino explained that the donation will allow for the hospital to digitize radiology system to provide high quality images.

Chandra Nisbet Cansino, Chief Executive Officer, KHMH: “It’s something that has been in the making for a couple years now. We received software where the radiology images are now digital so you will no longer see the big, the film that we used to carry around or we used to develop, we’ll no longer have those. Everything is digested so the patient can have their image on their phone as well as their computer as well as the medical professionals. A lot of time we don’t see these improvements in the public but they are really great strides to elevate the standard of hospital management and caregiving here at the KHMH so we are extremely grateful to the Embassy and people of Taiwan for the donation today. It’s very important, especially, for many reason but to give an example, we have a lot of referrals that come from the district hospitals and you know, n the past they would have to give them those big yellow envelope and they come and sometimes the images are poor because not everybody has the same standard of film development etc. But with this pack system the images are digital and so they are exchanged with the other physicians by computer, on their mobile devices and so it is extremely important. It speeds up the rate at which decisions can be made, diagnosis can be made and treatment can be administered.”