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The KHMH Receives Medical Supplies from Panama

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) was the beneficiary of medical supplies and medication through a collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Panama. According to the Chairman of the KHMHA, Doctor Andre Sosa, among the supplies were COVID-19 tests.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “We were fortunate enough to get a donation of medications, of antivirals from the Republic of Panama. It’s very exciting for us that we have been able to make those linkages. So included in this shipment was almost 500 vials of monoclonal antibodies, 60,000 tablets of antivirals, 25 boxes of cassettes for COVID-19 rapid tests, some of the supplies that will help to minimize the burden that we face. We have a crunch in terms of cash and so we’ve had to depend on friends for the acquisition of supplies to take off a bit of the pressure.”

Love News understands that the connection between the two parties was made possible through Belize’s Doctor Jorge Hidalgo. Doctor Sosa explained to our newsroom that in addition to the supplies there is an offer for training from the Covid Hospital in Panama. The training will focus on the post-covid aspect of treatment.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “There is the offer from the COVID Hospital Director in Panama to help us with training with the exchange of personnel and information so that we are not only more efficient in treating COVID but also that we can be ready , can be prepared for the post COVID complications . We definitely will need to set up a clinic to deal with those complications. However I think it is important to understand that COVID will be with us for a while still and so we’re in this for the long haul. It’s no longer that Christmas 2021 would mark the end of COVID. I want to thank the President of the Republic of Panama, I want to thank as well the Minister Panama the health minister. I want to thank his special advisor Dr.Gansi but special thanks also go out to the two Jorges; Dr.Jorge Hidalgo from Belize Healthcare Partners and Dr. Jorge Sinclair on of his colleagues in Panama these two professionals were instrumental in allowing us to make the connections the links with these distinguished gentlemen from the Republic of Panama. So there is the offer for a greater corporation but it doesn’t end there. Our aim is to create alliances with other institutions in the region and gain knowledge from what they do and also hopefully be able to exchange personnel and yes as well perhaps to be able to get additional help and supplies whilst we fix the dire financial situation in which the KHMH finds itself.”

The donation was made possible through Panama’s Minister of Health, Luis Sucre; his advisor Doctor Alessandro Ganci; the president Laurentino Cortizo Cohen.