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The Lifeline Foundation Hands Over a Cheque of Eight Thousand Dollars to the YWCA

The Lifeline Foundation today handed over a cheque of eight thousand dollars to the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). The funding, plus three industrial sewing machines, will be used to help the organization continue its programmes, which focus on young women and the wider community. Chairperson of the Lifeline Foundation, Kim Simplis-Barrow said that while they too are feeling the pandemic cash crunch, they found it important to assist the Y in its work.

Kim Simplis-Barrow, Chair of Lifeline Foundation: “When the YWCA reached out to us with this proposal we immediately recognized that it was important for us to try to help in whatever way we possibly could. Jackie Roe took the lead on this project and so I’m so grateful for Jackie for getting all the information. We had a meeting with Diane and Mrs.Locke where we discussed basically all the programs that the YWCA offers. I have always been  very impressed with the work that is done here. I have participated on numerous occasions with the Y and so for us at Lifeline it is indeed a pleasure to be here this morning. It gives us a great sense of gratitude really that we are able to help the Y to reopen its doors.”

The Y’s interim General Secretary, Ambassador Diane Haylock added that organisations like Lifeline continue to show they are serious about community service.

Diane Haylock, Interim General Secretary, YWCA: “This moment that we are here marking is really important for us because if it weren’t for organizations and individuals and some companies that have responded to the call from the YWCA we really wouldn’t be able to sit here today and have this conversation with you. So it gives me absolutely great pleasure to thank the lifeline foundation, its board of directors, and its individuals that make the work of the foundation possible to thank them for this generosity of trying to help the YWCA to continue to deliver on its mission to better the lives of women, girls and youth generally.”

The industrial sewing machines will be given to the Y’s “Helping Early Leavers” program, a second chance program for young women and girls to learn sewing skills. Part of the eight thousand dollars will be used to help the Y reopen its preschool safely, since parents were affected by loss of wages in many cases. It will also assist some children who cannot afford tuition.