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The LIU comes out in Tarique James’ Defense; Mayor Wagner says he was hardly evening showing up to work

The shooting incident involving Deputy Mayor Micah Goodin has brought into question whether the man who fired the shots from inside his vehicle, 25-year-old Tarique James was double-dipping. Bank statements show that James was allegedly being paid by the council and the Leadership Intervention Unit (LIU) during the same period in March. The allegation has since forced the LIU to issue a lengthy press release, refuting those claims. The LIU stated that James’ employment began in the middle of their payment cycle and therefore received compensation from April 25 to May 6. The LIU says that the compensation was to be corrected in the May 20 pay period, but because James was arrested and charged he was removed from the program. But, that’s not all the LIU had to say about James. According to the LIU’s press release quote “During his tenure at the Council, he played a supportive role in the overall success of the ongoing city-wide clean-up initiative. It was our view that his experience would have served the program well. Thus, the LIU employed him upon his termination from the Council to assist in the management of the cleaning up of the enormous amount of garbage generated by the different workgroups from around the City.” However, while the LIU praised James’ contribution to the council, according to Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner, the former CITCO employee was hardly evening showing up to work and says that if any double-dipping did occur, he had no idea.