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The Lives of William Mason and Mark Flowers Behind Bars

Now that we know that at least for tonight, John Saldivar remains the Minister of National Security, we can move on to William Alexander Mason. The 47-year-old Guyanese national is spending his ninth night on remand at the Belize Central Prison.  He has just been joined by one of the men who used to visit him at his Intelco home, Mark Flowers.  Social media has been buzzing with speculations that the two men will now be able to perhaps compare notes and the likes …. But according to the Chief Executive Officer at the Kolbe facility, Virgilio Murillo, that is not how it works.


“That is not possible and I will let you know that whenever these people reach the prison they automatically become prisoners so nobody is acting in any other capacity other than prisoner as far as I’m concerned and there is a need for us to separate and classify and we have done that so at the end of the day no two prisoners can link and if any link takes place its because we allow it to happen and I know we are not allowing it to happen. So if that is a feeling by anybody out there I think they need to dispel that because it will not happen and it cannot happen.”

There has been another angle brought into question by many and that concerns the security of the two men.  They are high profile prisoners and the way things are progressing there seems to be a lot at stake for several high officials.  So, are the men safe?  Here is what CEO Murillo had to say.


“You will agree that they are not the only two high profile prisoners that have come to this prison before. I mean over the last fourteen years since we’ve been in business I think we have a very good track record for the very most part. Our last killing in this prison was back in 2009 but ever since then we have improved on all our systems, controls, protocols and procedures so I can assure the public by and large that these guys will not be in any kind of danger as far as I am concerned.”

It had been reported to us that Mason currently resides in Tango 10 of the prison facility which we understand to be a rigid area as it relates to visitors, recreation time and the likes.  Murillo enlightened us on how the system works in those regards.


“Certainly I cannot disclose what security procedures and protocols we have in place and I don’t know who said he was at Tango 10 you all have better news than I do. Certainly I will not disclose where he is and I won’t disclose what procedures are in place for him and what protocols are in for him. I guess we’ll just take it one day at a time and he gets his visits as he should and by whom should visit and that kind of stuff.”


“Who dictates who visits him?”


“Well like with any other prisoner he has to say who he wants to visit him so he will need to approve that he knows that person and he has to approve in writing as well just like any other prisoner because prisoners don’t get visits from people who they don’t want. Anybody who visits a prison whether it’s a friend or family they have to in writing approve that that person is one of his or her visitors.”