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The Minister, Mason and the Bandits

When the severed head of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas was found on July 15 in the pan of William Mason’s pickup truck in Belmopan, it was the start of a series of allegations against several senior persons in Government including Cabinet ministers.  John Saldivar, who was then the Minister of Police, was at the centre of many of those allegations.  The media had asked him to comment on his relationship with Mason and he had informed us that Mason had made contributions to the Bandits Football Club in excess of fifty thousand dollars.  What he failed to mention to the media was that William Mason is thirty percent owner of the Bandits and not just a contributor.  Perhaps it was an unintentional omission but either way, there is a document that has surfaced showing that as at August 18, 2015, William Mason had acquired three of the ten shares of the Bandits Football Club. Back then, Saldivar told the media that Mason was merely a contributor to the football club.


Following Prime Minister’s meeting with the unions which ended just before one o’clock the media had asked him about this document to which he says he is not aware of.


This afternoon Minister Saldivar reacted to the situation via a press release.  The release says quote, “John Saldivar has never denied this fact nor has he denied receiving monies from Mr. Mason for the Belmopan Bandits Football Club solely for the purpose of advancing the sport of football in Belize. …The existence of this now defunct company simply confirms and validates what John Saldivar has maintained from the very beginning which is that he and Mr. Mason were to be partners in the Belmopan Bandits Football Club. The minute John Saldivar severed ties with Mr. Mason, Mr. Saldivar stopped the process of registering the new company name with FIFA and continued using the original club name the Belmopan Bandits Football and Sporting Club, and not Belmopan Bandits Sporting Club Ltd. Then in December the Club began the process of renaming the organization which now goes by the name Bandits Sports.” End of quote. According to Saldivar’s post, the company registered with Mr. Mason never officially functioned.”  End of quote.