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The Ministry of Agriculture Urges Public to Report Bee Activities in Residential Areas

Africanized bees, or “Killer Bees” as they are commonly referred to due to their aggressive nature, have been making attacks around residential areas for quite some time. A video has surfaced depicting two dogs being attacked by a swarm of killer bees. The incident happened at a home on Amandala Street in Belize City. Miguel Huertas is an Extension Officer in Beekeeping in the Ministry of Agriculture and he explained to Love News how the ministry responds to these incidents.

Miguel Huertas, Beekeeping Extension Officer, Ministry of Agriculture: “As a ministry, we go deal with the situation, control the situation. But, whenever the person that finds out that there is a swarm already established in the house, the first thing that we would say is to call the ministry before something happens. Do not wait until there is an attack. The idea is for the public to understand that if the swarm reaches today, they will not sting that same day but eventually, they will grow and get bigger and during that time, we can assist in relocating but whenever it comes to an attack, well bees are flying around. We can’t do much. We need to wait until they are calm then we get in contact with the beekeepers nearby and not eradicate the swarm but rather trap them and relocate them to new apiaries.”