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The Ministry of Health and the police raid Pharmacy Express Limited

Authorities this morning descended on Pharmacy Express Limited. The company operates four pharmacies at the Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City where health officials carried out a scheduled inspection but the company resisted and that’s when police officers showed up. Love News was there and Vejea Alvarez has the story. 

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: At exactly 3:44 this evening, police officers and health officials left the Fort Street Tourism Village. They were there for hours conducting an inspection of the four pharmacies owned and operated by Pharmacy Express Ltd. Sources in the ministry told us that today’s inspection was scheduled and the purpose was to review the company’s operation to ensure that the ministry’s regulations were being followed. Health officials first arrived at around 9:00 this morning and we are told that they were me with resistance. The company requested a search warrant and refused for the inspection to be carried out. That’s when police officers were called in and they came in droves. About four police mobiles bringing armed police officers. It is uncertain if a search warrant was produced but what is certain is that the inspection was carried out. While that happened, officers manned the FSTVs four entrances. After seven hours a number of cardboard boxes were loaded into the back of a vehicle owned by the Ministry of Health and carried away. The company has since reportedly called the operation unlawful and has threatened legal action against the Government for this move. The ministry has yet to release any official information. This is the same ministry that expressed concerns against a loan being issued to Pharmacy Express by the Social Security Board to the tune of 7 million dollars. In a July 24 press release, the ministry placed on record some concerns related to this loan and it said “It hopes to meet the autonomous SSB to relay its concerns before it makes its final determination on this proposed loan.” That meeting happened on July 28th and it is yet to be seen if the loan from the SSB will be approved. Vejea Alvarez, Love News.” 

Health Minister Kevin Bernard is on personal leave. We’ve contacted Health CEO Dr Julio Sabido for comment but no response up to news time.