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THE MISSING and the murdered

A sixteen year old minor was reported missing on Friday. Keron Requeña, a resident of 11 Lakeview Street in Belize City was reported missing on Friday, 14th December, at 2:00 p.m. Love News has been informed that the youth has been found safe.  It’s is a great burden lifted off the family as the last two persons who were found,  Felina James and 68-year-old Marta Gonzalez were murdered.  There are other families who are hoping and praying for an outcome, much like the 16 year old Requena who has returned home.  7 other individuals: 53-year-old Benson Jerry Butler, 23-year-old Anisha Young, 72-year-old Arturo Gomez, 23-year-old Iverson Neal, 32-year-old Greg Dillon, 17-year-old Gerardo Vasquez and Jose Aljemiro Paz have all vanished. Paz is believed to have gone missing in either Guatemala or Panama on an alleged and unconfirmed private, chartered flight. Vasquez disappeared in Ontario Village. Dillon was lost at sea when he left the Turneffe Atoll. Neal went missing after he told his family he would go to Punta Gorda after threats were being made on his life, but he never reached his destination.  Gomez disappeared from a farm in Orange Walk of which he was the caretaker for almost three decades. Young went missing after a Christmas party and a night out with friends. The latest person 53-year-old Benson Jerry Butler was reported missing by his nephew Marlon Kisling.  Kisling says on Sunday, the 2nd of December his uncle left home at the mile 8 community to go to Belize City and he has not been seen or heard of since.  He walks with a limp on the right foot and he was last seen wearing a white, long sleeve shirt and black pants. And Love News understands that moments ago a seventeen year old from Cayo has been reported missing. He has been identified as Magdaleno Caal. We will have more on his disappearance tomorrow.