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San Ignacio Gets New Dialysis Clinic

The Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic was officially opened this morning in San Ignacio Town, Cayo Distict.  The clinic came about through the collaboration of businessmen Carlos Perrera and Elijio Briceno.  The facility has been equipped to provide convenient and affordable hemodialysis options. Chairman of the Clinic, Carlos Perrera spoke to Love News on the importance of this facility in fighting kidney disease and the increasing demand for the dialysis service.

Carlos Perrera, Chairman, Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic: “Dialysis continues to be a high demand in the country. As I mentioned in my speech this morning that even though if you look at all six dialysis clinics within the country there are sixty four machines now in the country and yet we still have not met the demand in regards to dialysis in Belize and keeping in mind that dialysis is still in its teenager stage because as you are aware the first dialysis center in Belize which was initially private from that end then they moved on to Loma Luz and then Karl Heusner was around 2005 so dialysis in this country is only fifteen years. But over those fifteen years as I mentioned the private sector has done tremendous investments and as you mentioned earlier the first clinic that I did in the north brought in about sixteen machines and then right now as we said we did a renovation at the Belie Healthcare partners where we installed ten brand new machines and they only had I think seven machines before now three additional. So what it shows is that dialysis demand has grown from our end as a private sector. Again the Ministry of Health will be the responsible to work on the preventative care in that regard and so it’s a very touchy issue when it comes to dialysis for the fact that our loved ones suffer from diabetes, hypertension which is the over all thing that leads to kidney failure. As we continue growing in this market we will continue growing in the market because I don’t believe that neither the private sector has even touched the true demand.” 

According to the clinic’s Chief Executive Officer Elijio Briceno the setup of the facility accommodates the mandatory Covid-19 protocols.

Elijio Briceno, Chief Executive Office, Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic:Currently we have eight machines available however we have the capacity to do up to thirteen machines here in the clinic we already have the space required, we already have everything in place. But currently we are starting off with eight machines and taking into consideration as well the pandemic that we are facing right now we want to make sure that everything is spread up enough so that we don’t have any of the people getting in contact too close. While we were in here doing the tour as well we made mention to the ministers and the representatives that we want to dedicate an area just for COVID patients that will be a little construction we want to do just so they can go and not be in the same clinic area with the other patients. As well we have an isolated area which will be dealing with HIV, Hep A, Hep B patients that need to have a designated area as well for them so it’s a quite a few things we’re looking in the pipeline but we are happy that we are able to start the clinic as of now and to deal with the patients that we have here currently.”

CEO Briceno went on to speak on the name, Ramona Linda and the works put into getting the project done.

Elijio Briceno, Chief Executive Office, Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic: “The clinic itself has been a vision between me and Carlos for quite some time I think we met back in 2018 when the whole actual idea started that we wanted to do a clinic here in the west taking into consideration the demand. Like you mentioned we have a clinic here in the west already however they have reached capacity and the need is growing, the demand is growing so when we met like I said as well I want to give them thanks as well because the name itself is very dear to me because it’s my mother’s name she also was doing dialysis so it’s not something that just came out of the blue but we have our personal experiences with loved ones that have been affected by this disease and I’m glad that  we’re able to dedicate a clinic like this and put her name on it.”

The private dialysis clinic is one hundred percent Belizean owned with local investors and the price per session is two hundred Belize dollars.