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The NEAB Opposes GOB’s Move for the Legalization of Marijuana

The National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) and its associate churches nationwide are expressing strong opposition, again, to the legalization of marijuana in Belize and the creation of a Government-sponsored marijuana industry. According to the association, the legalization of marijuana is opening a door to influences that will be near impossible to undo. Love News spoke with a member of the National Evangelical Association of Belize, Pastor Louis Wade Junior, who explained how the legalization of marijuana can bring harm to the youth and the nation of Belize.
Pastor Louis Wade, Member, National Evangelical Association of Belize: ”This issue cannot simply be seen as a moral issue or as an ethical issue. There are also issues relating to crime and economy that need to be considered and if there is going to be a paradigm shift like this in the society that is going to affect the entire nation, especially your young people, then the church cannot help but make its position clear against the legalisation of marijuana and most importantly, if government is going to tax a drug that is illegal around the world and it’s still an illicit drug, then how will government take that revenue and place it in the general revenue of the country? No bank can accept money that comes from drug transactions and the drug trade and the government has already admitted that the banks in Belize cannot accept money that is coming from or for the marijuana industry. So what we are looking at is a cash based industry and once we talk about a cash based industry, we are looking at money laundering. What about Belize that is surrounded to the west, to the north by cartels and we have planes that are landing on a weekly basis that the Commissioner of Police himself has said is a frustration to him. Now we want to endorse people to plant and harvest marijuana and the government is claiming that they will track it all the way to its consumption when there is nothing in this government, there is nothing in this country that the government has been able to successfully monitor and control.”
NEAB further said that with all the human and natural resources God has given to Belize, there is great potential for recovery and prosperity without resorting to the marijuana business. Belize is already beginning to rebound economically so the country should aim for a more healthy and beneficial course.