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The NWC’s Safe House Receive Upgrades in SOP’s and Infrastructure

The National Women’s Commission and other stakeholders embarked on an initiative to strengthen and enhance the standard operating procedures and maintenance of Safe Houses. These improvements included training of the staff as well as upgrades to the infrastructure to ensure the safety of the persons living in the house. Love News interviewed the Program Officer, Eleanor Murrillo, who highlighted some of the upgrades.

Eleanor Murrillo, Program Officer, National Women’s Commission: “Some shelters they have their big beautiful yard but there are hazards within the spaces, how can they clean it? How can they get additional machinery and so on to ensure that the people who stay there they are comfortable and also safe. So for example one shelter within the structure was not sealed off so that was something they worked on immediately with funds from the Spotlight Project we ensured that the ambiance of the rooms within the shelter is excellent for those people who will be there and also for the people who work there. It’s ongoing and maintenance continues. I am so happy that some of the businesses will help us with the maintenance part but like grill doors, screen doors and things like that will be something that comes to mind quickly also the filling of land space, play area cordoned off for children who are there with their mothers to have a safe space to play because like I said they have beautiful grounds but there can be work done within the property of these shelters.”

Murrillo said that the upkeep of these houses is important as it is it provides a safe environment for victims and survivors of gender-based violence. This initiative was carried out in partnership with the Belize Water Services Limited (BWS), F.T. Williams and Associates, FAST Construction, along with Area Representative Oscar Mira and City Councillor Javier Castellanos. Murrillo stated that they have committed their support these safe houses.