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The Opposition Says GOB is Playing Politics with the DHS Post

The Opposition United Democratic Party says that the PUP Government is playing party politics with the post of Director of Health Services (DHS) the UDP fired off a press release this evening condemning government’s decision to abolish the post of DHS and instituted two separate posts. Yesterday, Minister of the Public Service Henry Charles Usher explained the wisdom behind Cabinet’s decision to effectively to change from a Director of Health Services and split the responsibilities into two posts: the Director of Public Health and Wellness and the Director of Hospital Services. Minister Usher said that decision was to reduce a backlog of decisions the Government met when it came to office. However, the United Democratic Party issued a statement today on the Cabinet plansaying that right now is quote “the worst time to play politics with the health system” Unquote. Not only does the Opposition condemning the move, but the party says it is raising several questions. Among them is whether the DHS post will be made redundant. The UDP also said that it wonders if the DHS is no longer needed in the health system and whether the two new posts will be filled by two individuals or will current technocrats in the system be promoted to the new positions. In its statement, the party also said that quote “To tamper with such an important office particularly at this time…is unthinkable, dangerous and deadly” End quote. The UDP called on the government to refrain and rethink this decision.