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The PHAST methodology

The Belize Red Cross currently has a program sponsored by the American Red Cross. It comes under the Red Cross’ project for strengthening partnership through accountability and transparency.  According to Ian Glory, the Master Facilitator for the PHAST Program, it is being carried out in 16 communities in the vicinity of the Belize District. Currently,they are working with the Ministry of Education to introduce the PHAST methodology to teachers.

Ian Glory: “At the moment we are working in partnership with the Ministry of Education and introducing a new methodology known as PHAST (Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation program which is a new methodology that we will be taking into the teachers so they start to include it in their curriculum for schools and it precisely does that. The idea of influencing and changing minds into a healthier living including sanitation and health practices and introducing that practice at a earlier level to school children which goes along with the program that the education department is doing in the Wash program and will facilitate and give the necessary tools to the teacher in their arsenal to address the issues, environmental issues, social issues that there exist in the community.”

The training session in Belize City ended earlier today.