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The Police reassure the public it’s safe to celebrate

The September fever continues on Saturday starting early in the morning with the Carnival Jouvert starting at four o’clock and hours later Belizeans converge in the City for the Carnival parade. Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, Operations commander and Central Regional Commander Dezerie Magdaleno met with the media to inform the public that they have a strategy in place to ensure public safety during the celebrations.

Edward Broaster, Operations Coordinator

“We just want to allay any fears, concerns or apprehension that the general public may have regarding events going into tonight and tomorrow and we want to assure the general public that we have security measures in place since prior to September. Our security level is at the highest risk that we can possibly put it and we will have enough law enforcement to ensure that we have peaceful festivities throughout the concert and the juvert and the carnival tomorrow so we want to assure the public that we will be out there in numbers and I want the public to cooperate with our law enforcement officers and as well we are appealing to our officers to be professional with the general public. Rest assured tomorrow you will see the strategies that we have put in place and it will be very visible and the fact that we have discovered those explosives is a testament to the fact that we are very aggressive on the ground.”

And as tradition has it, there will be no shortage of alcohol consumption on Saturday. Police say they are also monitoring that.


Edward Broaster, Operations Coordinator

“There will be bars in certain areas along the route which have been allowed to sell alcohol in plastic cups. We will not tolerate any bottle drinks throughout the carnival and the juvert and the festivities to that extent.”