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The Post Office Says Ninety Percent of its Staff is Vaccinated

More than two hundred and four thousand persons have received their first COVID-19 vaccine. Of that number, more than one hundred and seventy thousand persons have been fully vaccinated. Frontline workers are asked to be vaccinated or present a negative rapid or PCR test to return to work. Post office workers are considered frontline workers and are also asked to be vaccinated. The number of vaccinated post office workers is high- about ninety-eight percent have received at least one dose of the COVID-19. Postmaster General James Gabourel says that post office workers haven’t shown resistance to the vaccine.

James Gabourel, Postmaster General: “Government has mandated that our staff get vaccinated and I could say that over 90% of our staff has been vaccinated. If you visit each post office you will see that there are sanitation stations where our customers are required to sanitize themselves, our members of staff are issued with their PPEs, hand sanitizers, and so we try as much as possible to encourage staff to maintain their social distance within the office and other protocols that are in place.”

Reporter: Is there a level of resistance to the vaccine in the post office ?

James Gabourel, Postmaster General: “No. The two percent or so that haven’t gotten vaccinated are related to health issues, underlying conditions and so those persons do present their test results on a two week basis.”

Reporter: How many employees are we talking about ?James Gabourel, Postmaster General: “Generally countrywide we have liked a hundred and seven employees.”