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The Price Barracks BDF Camp has a new bathroom building

Soldiers of the Belize Defense Force stationed at the Price Barracks Camp in Ladyville will now have a better facility to use the restroom. Today, the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security held an opening ceremony for a newly bathroom facility. The two hundred thousand dollar project is a part of renovations that are taking place at the camp. Minister of National Defence, Florencio Marin Jr., says that the initiative stems from the government’s promise to focus on the welfare of soldiers. 

Florencio Marin Jr., Minister of National Defence: “When we first came into office in November 2020 we did a tour and a proper evaluation of the status of the force and at the same time if you remember the economic situation was dire so sitting down reflected how we can move and what we found out is that the first priority was we must deal with the welfare of the soldiers. And so we started wit the meager resources we had and we figured well let’s start with the ablutions where the soldiers have to shower and do their personal business every day we figured that is where we start so we’ve been doing them little by little one by one you know wherever we can pull a little resource from here or there to get it done for them. We’re looking forward to a rebound of the economy where we can do much much more. There’s a lot much more work to do be done. Not all of them can stand the retrofitting,  some of them are quite frankly should just be knocked down and this is one of them. There’s a lot of changes that needs to happen what I would like to do is to begin to fix up the barrack rooms but that will take a lot more investment again like I said we need to wait for the rebound of the economy when that happens then we can begin to seriously look at it countrywide because it’s not just Price Barracks it’s the other camps as well that we need to work on.”