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The PSU is Demanding that CEO’s Salaries Be Cut too

The Public Service Union (PSU) has officially written to Finance Minister, Prime Minister John Briceno about salaries to all government CEOs. The letter dated July thirty objects to a letter sent by Cabinet Secretary Stuart Leslie to all CEOs, informing them that Cabinet decided to allow CEOs to remain with salaries and allowances as recommended in May 2020. In other words, the ten-percent pay cut will not be applied. PSU President Dean Flowers says the letter is a grave injustice. In the letter, Flowers references an exclusive LOVE FM interview with PM Briceno, who defended Cabinet’s position. Flowers says the PSU is demanding that the Cabinet Secretary’s letter be rescinded.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “I’m not saying the Cabinet Secretary is not being honest here but this letter clearly contradicts what the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Education is saying and I’m hoping that yesterday the right decision was taken which is to rescind this letter and to ensure that CEOs share in the burden and the sacrifice of recovering this economy. What is shameful is that there are certain CEOs who took to social media to defend not getting a salary cut when public officers earning less than twelve thousand one hundred dollars were cut we have a group of CEOS making approximately a hundred and twenty eight thousand dollars a year in excess and that’s their package, their annual salary I think averages around eighty or eighty six thousand dollars somewhere are around six thousand change they make per month. And to see CEOs on social media defending the fact that they should not be cut because they were affected last year. Somebody needs to, just using this proverbial term, slap some sense into some CEOs that took to social media to preach that nonsense because last year in May of 2020 you were nowhere near government. You were not being denied anything that you had a right to. You were just appointed in November how dare you go back to what occurred in the public service in May of 2020 when that was not your property ? So you’re not being denied of a property that you had. So again it makes you wonder where has the talent gone when you see these type of defense being put up for positions that are really indefensible.”

Deputy Prime Minister Cordel Hyde and Education Minister Francis Fonseca have both publicly stated that they understand that the CEOs would be a part of the ten-percent pay cut. Meanwhile, there are some CEOs who are defending the letter.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “You’ll see CEOs trying to support and justify this. As I mentioned earlier there are some Facebook warrior CEOs you call them, the former CEO in the Ministry of Housing he had absolutely no work to do other than berate and disrespect people on Facebook. This new administration I’m sad to say has a couple and I want to say to them let’s get to the order of the business of the day, get off Facebook. I mean if you’re not going to put something out there to uplift and improve our governance and the way how the public service is run please get of Facebook because you’re doing yourself and your administration an injustice. So I’ll pray that a CEO comes out and says ‘I do not support this Cabinet Secretary’s decision.”

Rene Villanueva Sr., Host, The Morning Show: That has not happened yet ? 

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “No. It has not happened.”

Rene Villanueva Sr., Host, The Morning Show: And have you any word about what might have been decided in Cabinet yesterday ?

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “Absolutely no word. We await our Cabinet briefing and I say we as the general public since it is customary that they would put out a briefing so I’m hoping that that will be the number one item on the Cabinet briefing for yesterday that Cabinet decided to consider instructing the CabSec to rescind that letter to CEOs and that CEOs share in making a sacrifice toward the recovery of this economy. There is absolutely nothing special about them other than their political appointments other than their political appointments so I don’t see why they should be exempted.”

Rene Villanueva Sr., Host, The Morning Show: So you’re saying that CEOs should have the same ten percent cut across the board, that is the position.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “Yes, that was what the consultation yielded.”