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The PSU Provides Several Students with Educational Grants

Throughout the week, the Public Service Union (PSU) will issue educational grants to secondary students and members who are seeking tertiary level education. Grants were today given to students during a short ceremony held at the PSU officer on Kut Avenue. PSU President Dean Flowers says the union’s Education Grant Programme is in line with the organization’s constitution. The recipients are chosen through an application process that began two months ago and was spearheaded by the Training and Research Education Committee. One of those recipients is Reyanne Duran.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “It’s a historic day for the PSU because it has been a number of years, I would say perhaps well between somewhere between 10 and 15 years if not more, that the scholarship program came to an end for whatever reason, I don’t know. Throughout the years the education fund has been performing. The education fund has been going however no scholarships were being distributed to the children of financial numbers or to financial numbers, and so this is historic for this council of management because we rebranded this scholarship program and the education grants program which we felt will have a greater impact than if we had focused solely on providing scholarships to a limited number of children of financial numbers.”

Reporter: How do you feel about getting this grant? 

Reyanne Duran, Wesley College Student: I feel really thankful because it’s a big help to my mother. 

Reporter: What do you plan to be. 

Reyanne Duran, Wesley College Student: “I plan to be a teacher then move up to a principal and to further my education. 

Reporter: And this will help you a lot.

Reyanne Duran, Wesley College Student: A lot.”

Reporter:  What, what is it that you like most about going to school ? 

Reyanne Duran, Wesley College Student: I like that the teachers are really nice and I wasn’t that interested in school when I first started, primary school and now that I am in high school the subjects are more interesting and it gives me that love for school.”

This week, the PSU will be delivering twenty grants — ten to secondary school students and ten to tertiary school students — who are financial members of the union. The total value of the grant initiative is seventeen thousand four hundred dollars.///