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The PSU Responds to PM Briceno

The Public Service Union (PSU) has written to Prime Minister John Briceno demanding that he rescinds the decision to exempt CEOs from the ten percent salary cut that other public officers are enduring. The matter became public after a memo signed by Cabinet Secretary, Stuart Leslie was leaked to the media, stating that the CEOs salaries are to remain as they were since May 2020. The two-page letter from the union states, quote, “The PSU views this letter from the Cabinet Secretary as unconscionable and as a grave injustice to the principles of equity, equality and shared sacrifice as touted by the Government during its budget consultation with the Unions and other social partners. Public comments from sitting members of the Cabinet which include the Minister of Education and the Deputy Prime Minister suggest that they are equally perplexed by the Cabinet Secretary’s contentious declaration that this was a Cabinet decision. To make matters worse, you are now on record attempting to defend this indefensible and amoral decision which even the Churches have come out to castigate thus questioning your interpretation of the phrase “shared sacrifice”. We acknowledge CEOs as our comrades in the running of the Public Service. We do not therefore subscribe to the animal farm concept for their exemption from the 10% salary cut. Notwithstanding Public Officers daily sacrifice in the provision of service to the general public, and despite the past administration imposing an increment freeze all Public Officers in fiscal year 2020, you are on record criticizing Public Officers about not having made any sacrifice to aid in the recovery of our economy and subsequently your administration imposed an additional three years increment freeze on the emoluments of Public Officers along with a three-year ten-percent reduction on their salary. The PSU therefore calls on you and all members of the Cabinet, to rescind the Cabinet Secretary’s letter to CEOs which purports to exempt this particular group from the ten-percent salary reduction and instead give your affirmation that we are all in this together and we all must share in the sacrifice.” End of quote.