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The Race Is On for the First 13th Senator of Belize

The 13th Senator nominees made their presentation to twenty seven nongovernmental organizations today. Donovan Reneau of BCVI, Janelle Chanona of OCEANA Belize, Pablo Collado of Adopt a Child with Disability, Edilberto Romero of Bacongo and Osmany Salas of BTIA all expressed why they should be elected as Belize’s 13th Senator. What was also discussed was the election process. According to the Spokesperson for the Steering Committee responsible for selecting the 13th Senator, Froyla Tzalam, twenty seven NGOs will get one vote each to vote for the person they believe would be best for the post.

The process of selecting the 13th Senator has come under scrutiny with some believing that whoever becomes the 13th Senator would not truly represent the entire NGO Community. Critics say this is because he or she was not chosen by the larger part of the NGO community but by only twenty seven organizations.