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The race is on for the next Municipal Election, Opposition Leader shares how their campaign is going

Both major political parties have begun assembling their municipal slates for next year municipal elections. The Leader of the People’s United Party John Briceno shared how his party has been preparing so far.


John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“We have already finished off in Corozal Town; we finished San Ignacio/ Santa Elena a very successful one. On Saturday we are going to have the convention for Orange Walk Town where Mayor Bernard is going to once again be renominated to lead the PUP team in Orange Walk Town. I think it’s next week we are going to have the convention in Belmopan this weekend also on Sunday we are going to have the convention in Punta Gorda we are preparing here in Belize City and the other place so we are quite excited and the party is quite energized to take on the UDP.”



“In Belize City Mayor Bradley will not run again, do you take it as a chance to take back the city?

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“Well we’ve always said that once the party is united that we have one common goal, our goal is to be able to get to Belmopan that is the way we are going to be able to turn things around in the country and that is how we are going to help our people and we believe that it is important that we start with the municipal bodies. Belize City is one of them we understand that UDP has invested over $200 million in Belize City the UDP has amassed a massive amount of money that they are going to spend but we are going to work hard we are going to have credible candidates and we are going to work at winning the hearts of the people in Belize City and that with a good plan I believe that we can be able to put up a good fight and even win the Belize City Council.”