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The Ramifications of the Half Billion Arbitration

It has been nine days since the Prime Minister spoke of the BTL Arbitration Award for over half billion dollars.  Prime Minister has conceded that it is not a cheap arbitration but the country can handle it and he has no regrets over the BTL nationalization.  There has been silence on the issue except for the Opposition party that has spoken out on the grave ramifications.  Ironically, Prime Minister Dean Barrow blames the PUP for the matter but notwithstanding where the blame lies, the real question for every citizen is, “what will the ramifications be?”  Area Representative for Caribbean Shores spoke to Love News on the issue.

As we mentioned, Prime Minister Barrow has blamed the Said Musa administration for the entire BTL saga.  We asked Kareem Musa, how he would respond to the critics who would say that he is only playing his role as the opposition as an Area Representative and the son of the former Prime Minister.

The first payment of the arbitration award under the arrangement made calls for half of the totality of the Award becoming payable within 10 business days with 60% being in Belize currency and 40% in US. The second half of the Award will be payable a year from now.  The ten business days countdown began on June 28.