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The role of Belize’s Barrier Reef

The earthquake triggered tsunami warnings for areas within 621 miles of the quake’s epicenter. Many Belize City residents and those living on the coast decided to evacuate following the Tsunami warning alert. Quickly receding water was observed along the shores of Belize shortly after the earthquake. However, all tsunami advisories were canceled throughout the Caribbean and Central America later on Tuesday night. In light of this scare, Vice President of Oceana Belize, Janelle Chanona pointed out the importance of taking care of the Belize Barrier reef.


“Definitely I think given that the Belize barrier reef really lives up to its name in terms of its barrier, the first line of defense and the fact the coral reef absorb I think at least 95% of a waves energy action if you think of the type of waves that come into the reef and then what comes after it. Its really incredible to see Coral Reefs work in that way and just as importantly I think we really need to highlight the importance of mangroves in storm surge protection there are some really incredible videos that demonstrate how much the mangrove in a very short buffer frame can really dissipate those waves so again I think that last night Belize Barrier Reef was ready to take care of us again. It does show that it is not just Hurricane season and again it underscores the importance of all of us taking up our rolls to make sure that we make the Belize Barrier Reef as strong as healthy as it can be so that we can take care of us so I guess the take away there would be if we take care of the Belize Barrier Reef it can take care of us.”

The quake was very shallow, at only six point two miles. No damage has been reported from last night’s quake, despite the high magnitude and several strong aftershocks.